Male Hair Replacement System Training

NEU Hair 4 Men have been expanding its Hair Replacement Systems across the UK. We are offering a ‘One Stop Shop’ Business in a Box opportunity open to existing salons & barbershops to Join the NEU Hair 4 Men team.

Hair Replacement Systems have become popular in recent years and we pride ourselves on the ethical approach to our education we supply to salons. All our training and course materials provide in-depth knowledge on scalp maintenance and management which is a key factor to anybody fitting a hair system to a client.

Grow your Salon business with one of the worlds fastest growing concepts and let NEU Hair 4 Men help you achieve this through our ready-made Hair Replacement Business Opportunity.

  • Are you a Hair Salon owner that is looking to expand on your service menu?
  • Do you have clients that would require our Male Hair Replacement Systems?
  • Would you like to add a conservative £100,000 of additional revenue for your salon from just 25-30 clients?

For more information on our training or to join NEU Hair 4 Men please fill in our contact form below